ELMOC at Silverstone Festival 2024

ELMOC has registered the club with Silverstone for next year’s Silverstone Festival which will be held on 23-25 August 2024.

If you haven’t heard of the Silverstone Festival before that would be because prior to 2023 it was known as the Silverstone Classic and was focused more on car displays and historic racing. 

However, in 2023, they expanded the traditional race and display weekend to include Stunt Shows, Drag cars, Drifting, and Rally Demos, free access to Silverstone Museum, an F1 merchandise shop, a Shopping village, a food village, a Funfair, Food demos, Celebrity spots, and Live Bands at night such as ABC the Sugababes and McFly

WHY Go to Silverstone?

In 2023 a solitary car from the club made the way down to see what it was like.   While this was meant to be a one-off experience we decided for 2024 ELMOC want to go again but this time with as many members and their cars as possible. (2024 is mini 65 too)

In 2023 we saw….

Included in the ticket…

  • Access to the full International and National paddocks, including the garages.  Getting up close with the mechanics and drivers.
  • Full on agenda of motorsport races including cars from the classic era of F1, touring cars, and NASCAR
  • Watch on-track action from multiple stands around the circuit. you’re not stuck to one seat. 
  • Stunt Show, Drag car, and Drifting Demonstrations that allow you to be right in the tire smoke. 
  • Demonstrations are on track of iconic F1 cars including the Nigel Mansell Red 5, Niki Lauda’s 1984 Championship-winning McLaren MP4/2, and Lewis Hamilton’s 2013 Mercedes W04.
  • F1 Zone with the latest and greatest F1 cars on display, Pit stop challenges, and F1 SIM racing.
  • EV zone showcasing electric vehicles and a chance to test drive some of the latest EV cars. 
  • Free access to the Silverstone Museum where the track, its history, and some of the iconic vehicles and memorabilia
  • Full funfair which was free for most of the items and had everything from chair planes to dogems. 
  • Live Bands every night including, the Christians, ABS, Sugababes, and McFly.
  • Foodie Fest which included cooking demonstrations as well as vendors such as Diddly Squat Farm shop and lots of taster sessions.
  • And the best till last.  A parade LAP of the famous circuit in the classic mini.

Full info on the weekend can be found at ONE EPIC END OF SUMMER FESTIVAL | Silverstone along with some of the highlights of the weekend broadcast on ITVX and YouTube. 

So what are we looking at realistically?

  1. PRICES.   Early bird prices for tickets are £130 for 1 car and 2 passengers for 3-day weekend access which is 7 am to 10 pm (increasing to £150 for later entries full details in the handbook below.) 
  2. STAYING:  Camping at Silverstone Woodlands was roughly £125 for a pitch from Thursday to Monday.  It had good facilities on site as well as a bar with live music. There are hotels and such nearby but you will have to be quick. 
    There are other sites nearby and we can coordinate to decide where and make an ELMOC Club Village when we get there.
  3. JOURNEY:  Silverstone is about 6-7 hours drive from Edinburgh depending on M1 or M6.  
  4. NEARBY:  Bracknel is nearby for-provisions  Diddly Squat farm is a short drive away and The Cotswolds have a few F1 teams to visit as well as nature and stuff. 

OK I Am sold and want to go what next

Tickets will be on sale mid-November 23 at Silverstone Festival Prices | Silverstone (see BOOKING PROCESS section in Handbook below) Codes are in the welcome email at the bottom.

Camping tickets are not on sale as yet but will be soon
Silverstone Woodlands | Camping at Silverstone Festival | August Bank Holiday 2023 — Silverstone Woodlands

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